Barbecued spiced beef with yoghurt dressing, tomato & parsley (Serves 4)

This makes a delicious spring/summer alternative to burgers on the barbecue, full of flavour and colour. The patties are savoury, smoky and pleasantly pokey with the spice and pepper; the yoghurt dressing is soothing and rich, then the topping is full of counterpoints, freshness and acidity. You can make bigger patties and serve individually, but it looks more convivial and joyful making smaller ones and serving spread across a large platter for people to help themselves. Every element is simple to make. Feel free to chop and change the garnish. You could add cucumber, piquillo peppers, roast aubergine or avocado as you fancy.

Ollie Dabbous

Barbecued spiced beef

4 tbsp      Breadcrumbs

1             Egg

450g        Beef mince (100% chuck steak preferably)

½            Onion, grated

2             Garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp        Black pepper, crushed

1 tsp        Ground cumin

1 tsp        Ground coriander

1 tsp        Salt

2 tbsp      Parsley, chopped


-              Mix everything together well by hand then roll into patties (like a mini-burger) and press down.


-              Grill on the barbecue or on a grill pan on both sides until nicely coloured and a little smoky, then leave to rest somewhere warm for 5 mins.



Yoghurt dressing

300g        Yoghurt

50g          Olive oil

1 tbsp      Date or pomegranate molasses, otherwise black treacle or muscovado

Pinch        Salt

½            Lemon, zest & juice


-              Mix everything together and check seasoning.




125g                       Feta cheese, crumbled

150g                       Cherry tomatoes, halved

½                           Red onion, finely sliced and washed

2 tbsp                     White wine vinegar

5 tbsp                     Olive oil

2 handfuls               Parsley, chopped

8 tbsp                     Pomegranate seeds

2                            Pitta breads, toasted and chopped into large crouton sized pieces

Pinch                       Salt


-              Mix together all the ingredients and leave for 10 mins.




-              Place the patties on the base of a large plate and then spoon over the yoghurt. Scatter over the topping and serve immediately.

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