Buttered kale with toasted chestnuts & nutmeg

Think of this as a more robust Autumnal version of creamed spinach. There is a lot of fat content in this dish, but just think how much money you will save on the heating bills this winter with your newfound added layer of insulation! To add insult to injury, you cook this dish until most of the nutrients of the kale have long since left the building, but the end result is absolutely delicious. It has an almost fudge-like quality on top of the delicious earthiness from the kale and layer of spice from the nutmeg. The crispy kale (a bit like Chinese takeaway seaweed) not only hides what, let’s be honest, isn’t much of a looker underneath, it more importantly adds a layer of textural contrast and savoury pop. If making this, I would serve with some simple baked potatoes and the O’Hagan sausage perhaps, or alongside the osso bucco or roast chicken thighs. I love recipes such as this where the very small list of ingredients belies the complexity and deliciousness of the end result.

Buttered kale with chestnuts

250g Picked kale, washed

100g Whipping cream

1      Small garlic clove, minced

100g Butter, diced

100g Cooked chestnuts, halved

1/8th Nutmeg, microplaned

Pinch Salt

-       Blanch the kale for 5 mins in boiling lightly salted water until tender, then refresh in ice water.

-       Squeeze dry then finely chop.

-       Heat the cream with the garlic in a medium pan.

-       Add the kale, cover with a lid and cook until simmering and hot throughout, then monte in the butter, add the chestnuts and the nutmeg. 

-       Cook for about 15 mins on a low heat until a delicious mulch is achieved. 

-       During this time, fry the kale as below. 

-       Transfer the kale and chestnut compote into a serving bowl and top with the crispy kale.

Crispy kale

         Neutral frying oil, such as vegetable or sunflower

100g Kale, picked down into small leaves

Pinch Salt

Pinch Caster sugar

-       Heat the oil to 190C and fry the kale until crispy but not browned. It should remain green and will only take a few seconds.

-       Drain with a slotted spoon onto a baking tray lined with absorbent paper, then season lightly with fine salt and caster sugar whilst still warm.

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