Hubert Lacoste's tomatoes

Many of our customers say these are simply the best tomatoes in the world. We have multiple Michelin starred customers who refuse to buy anyone else’s tomatoes.

Hubert Lacoste started growing tomatoes in 1983 after inheriting two acres of his grandparent’s farm in the Gers in South West France. Nestling next to the Petit Baïse river, Hubert argues that it is this “terroir” that is the key to his unique produce; the land is prone to flooding in the winter making the soil different from that in the surrounding area. He found seeds of long disused varieties while travelling around the world visiting Russia, Poland and further afield and grows them the traditional way; slowly.

These are the original ‘Heritage’ or ‘Heirloom’ tomatoes, not to be confused with tomatoes that share the same names (Green Zebra, Pineapple, Crimean Black, Rose de Berne etc) that are more often than not hybrid varieties, bred to be resistant to disease and to produce a linear yield no matter the growing conditions. Hubert’s tomatoes are grown properly, in the soil, in the sunshine with love and attention. You can’t industrially farm these types of produce. As a consequence his tomatoes have been much copied but never bettered.

Hubert has worked exclusively with Le Marché des Chefs for the past ten years.


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