Pickled Red Fruits

Summer is the time for ripe berries in all their glory and in every iteration: whether served naked with just a dusting of sugar or perhaps baked in a clafoutis. Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries are all in this week’s hamper. If you have any berries past their best or crushed at the bottom of the punnet, you can always freeze them until you have accumulated enough then use them blended (from frozen) in a smoothie, so they don’t go to waste and no need to add ice cubes. This recipe for pickled red fruits couldn’t be simpler and is a lovely way to preserve them. They are amazing with salty charcuterie or virginal burrata, and can be added to a salad with some feta and black olive to transform it into something special. At HIDE, last summer, we served them with barbecued Anjou pigeon (also from LMDC), baked heritage beetroot and fennel flowers, though for your own sanity and because I have just one page not four, I will be sparing you that recipe! Enjoy this one!

300g Water

1 tbsp Rosewater

60g Sugar

35g Chardonnay vinegar

1/2 Lemon, juice of juice

½ tsp Salt

Mixed berries, halved 

- Place all ingredients in a pan, bring to boil, whisk to dissolve then remove from heat.

- Leave to cool until just warm then pour over the berries.

- Leave this overnight in the fridge, then use as desired.

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