About us


Gourmet Weekend exists because we all deserve a treat at the weekend. Whether we have friends round or have had a tough week with the kids or in the office – we think we deserve some treat food at the weekend. We supply exceptional quality meat, poultry, fish, charcuterie and dairy products direct to your home. We are proud of our suppliers who have been selected by chefs at some of London's top Michelin Star Restaurants. Now you can get the ingredients usually destined for their kitchens delivered direct to yours!


Le Marché des Chefs has been supplying the top Restaurants across the country for over 15 years. In Lockdown the team launched a home delivery business LMDC Hampers.  After 2 years, when lockdown finished, Maurice and the team from Le Marché des Chefs decided to focus their attention back to their restaurant trade. Since we took over the business we realised that our customers live for their weekends; whether they see friends and family, they entertain or they simply relax at home, they always want the finest food. So we changed the name to Gourmet Weekend because that is what we do; We provide gourmet food for the weekend!

We run the business from our home in Hampshire keeping many of the old suppliers on board but bringing in new ones with great products.

Sam and Helen