Gourmet Weekend

Why did you change your name?

LMDC Hampers is a slightly confusing as we are no longer part of the Le Marché des Chefs group, and we don’t deliver hampers! Our customers have told us they like a treat at weekends. To eat a bit better than midweek.  Either as a treat for themselves or because they were hosting and want to serve something special. Gourmet Weekend seemed like the perfect name!

Will Gourmet Weekend be any different to LMDC Hampers?

Not really… But we hope to build on the success of LMDC Hampers to provide more premium products. The range will grow in time, with a focus of providing products for the weekend.

What happened to Le Marché des Chefs?

Le Marché des Chefs is still being run by Maurice and Giles, but they are back focussing on their restaurant clients. Their site for restaurant clients is www.lemarchedeschefs.co.uk. We still chat to them frequently and collect from them every week as the majority of our French produce still comes via them.

Why did you get rid of the local delivery in London with the lovely drivers?

Our drivers were brilliant, but when lockdown ended, the demand dropped and it wasn’t viable to continue with the ‘lockdown model’.

When are you starting Fruit and veg again?

Tricky question. We’d love to start right away, but we have 2 main obstacles. Firstly importing artisanal grown fruit and veg from France has become very difficult this year. Secondly we’re worried that many of the softer fruit will become damaged in transit.



Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, although there are a few postal regions in the highlands and the islands and Northern Ireland that we are unable to deliver to unfortunately as next day delivery isn’t possible.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE for all orders over £40 for delivery on Thursdays and Fridays. There is a £5 charge for Saturday delivery. There is also a £5 charge for orders under £40.

Will my food items arrive frozen?

We send out all of our deliveries in (curbside recyclable) insulated boxes. We also add plenty of ice with our deliveries to ensure the items arrive with you in the best possible condition. However, on occasion, when it is extremely hot outside the products may have begun to thaw. This is fine from a safety point of view as the products will be be at a very low temperature when you open your box and therefore suitable to put straight in your freezer. Refreezing is only dangerous if the product has reached 5C. This article explains in more detail the ins and outs of refreezing.



How are you helping the environment?

We are well-aware that home deliveries (especially that of fresh food) equate to realms of packaging, insulation and potential waste. We use recyclable/compostable boxes, food bags and insulation, suitable for curb-side collection unlike. The ice packs we use can either be frozen for re-use as ice packs or drained of their water and the plastic recycled. Our smaller boxes we use to send charcuterie and yogurts in are made from cardboard pulp, so are recyclable or compostable too.

We use a courier business (DPD) which is proud to be CO2 neutral, and our vehicles are self-charging hybrids.

But most importantly, through our partnership with Ecologi, the Environmental Organisation, we plant a tree for every order that is made.